What we do ?

We do this by providing innovative, fun, hands-on educational programmes in Chemistry, Earth Science, Biology and Physics, which are all delivered to students in primary and high school.

We want our children to be happy, safe and to be successful.

We inspire our students and deliver programs that have curriculum-based experiments, and specially designed tools and content.

We have knowledge

Each program focuses on demonstrating a fundamental principle of science/engineering/maths, largely through activity-based learning. 

The class is provided with tools, activities, lesson plans and supporting materials specifically tailored to primary and high school children. 

We also provide a stimulating, safe, challenging and flexible learning environment where student achievement is acknowledged and celebrated.

"Hands-on Science"

Inquiry-based science is sometimes conflated with "hands-on" science. While we know that actively engaging children with "hands-on" science is important, it isn't enough. Inquiry-based science employs the diverse practices scientists use to study the natural world. A well-designed, inquiry-based curriculum is appropriate for all ages of learners and effectively teaches science content while developing scientific habits of mind at the same time.

We believe that teaching kids to think both more critically and more creatively is key to the development of a society which understands and is fully engaged with the world around them, the resources on which they depend, and in planning and creating a better future. 


All lessons are differentiated in every class to meet the individual needs of all students.

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