Our Program

Discovery science shows and workshops in your area.

Based on an Australian curriculum.

Find and develop the experiments needed to understand the topic.

After we've actually done it, we organize over 500 experimental pieces.

Our program is designed to enable all students to achieve positive learning outcomes, build upon previous knowledge and skills and experience success.

Dr.LEE & SONG SCIENCE, who studied science for over 25 years,
We meet children with interesting experimental contents and easy-to-understand experimental contents to help students develop their dreams.

Why/Creative/Core/GnT/High school Classes are all 1 year courses.

Classes can be adjusted according to the student’s age, grade and learning abilities.

First Discovery Class (Ages 3-5)

A class that helps students to gain an understanding of the world through developmental play. Through activities such as GABE, ORDA and STEAM, we help students to develop cognitively and experience the joy of learning.

Why Class (Kindy-Y1) Program

A science class that uses the five senses to engage in activities. 
A course that helps students to experience Science and develop curiosity through engaging scientific activities.

Creative Class (Y2-Y3) Program

A class that expands students' creativity through fun experiments that are directly linked to content. A course where students understanding Science and develop creativity.

Core Class (Y3-Y5) Program

A class that teaches the foundation of Science. A one year course that involves Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science for each term.

GNT Class (After Core Class or Y6) Program

GnT (Y4-Y6) - A class that allows students to think critically.
A course that involves exploring, experimenting and presenting for those who have completed the Core Class or year 6.

High School Class (Y7-Y9) Program

A class that is directly related to the School Curriculum.  A 1 year course that studies each of the Science curriculum (Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Earth Science) for each term.

Holiday 1 Day Class (K-Y6)

Holiday Class is one day Science experiment class offered to children during the school holidays. This is a class where students learn one topic from each of the subjects Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science and Physics and do project-based task, STEAM.

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